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Boosting Player Turnout: 6 Ways to Promote Your Trivia Games

Incorporating games and entertainment into a restaurant's ambiance can transform a regular dining experience into an unforgettable one. From classic trivia nights to lively bingo sessions and music bingo sing-along fun, these interactive activities engage customers and create a unique atmosphere. Here are six inventive ways your restaurant can promote games like trivia, bingo, and music bingo to increase player turnout.

1. Eye-Catching Posters

First impressions matter, and bold, well-designed posters strategically placed around the restaurant can instantly capture customers' attention. Eye-catching visuals combined with brief descriptions of the games, along with scheduled timings, can pique curiosity and encourage participation.

2. Table Cards

Turn waiting into anticipation! Table cards, placed on each table, highlight your game. They can get patrons talking and build excitement. Even just having these little 4"x6" table cards on every table will subtly help build awareness for the game.

3. Engaging Servers

Enthusiastic servers can be effective game ambassadors. Encourage your staff to inform diners about the upcoming game nights during their interactions. A friendly chat about the excitement of game nights can make guests feel more inclined to participate.

Your servers should promote trivia nights and all your game nights!

4. On-Receipt Messages and Check Folio Inserts

Capitalizing on moments when customers are engaged with their bill, such as including a playful message about the upcoming game events can catch their attention. A simple "Join us for Trivia Tuesday!" message can create anticipation for the next game night.

5. Collaborate with Local Influencers

Partnering with local social media influencers or bloggers can amplify your game night promotion. These influencers can attend the events, create engaging content, and share their experience with their followers, expanding the reach of your promotion.

6. Leveraging Your Restaurant's Social Media

If you do nothing else on this list. This is the one you need to focus on. In today's digital age, social media platforms offer an ideal avenue for promoting restaurant events. Regularly posting about game nights, sharing photos from previous events, and creating event pages can build anticipation and encourage customers to share the news with their friends. Your restaurant's followers are already people who enjoy your restaurant and would like to hear from you. Leverage this!

Trivia (and Bingo and Music Bingo) Promotion Makes All the Difference

Games like trivia, bingo, and music bingo can transform a typical dining experience into a memorable and engaging one. By promoting these events with a combination of in-restaurant marketing and social media marketing, your restaurant can help itself build a vibrant base of players for its game, which will mean a healthy revenue stream for your business.

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