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Music Bingo


Become a Destination - Game nights or brunches make your restaurant or bar a place to go and have fun, not just a meal. They're an event to plan for and put in the calendar. They give your venue entertainment value and help give it a competitive edge.

Attract Larger Groups - Trivia is a team sport and bingo is a highly social event with players usually bringing along several friends and family. It's common to have parties of 6-10 people come to play.

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Attract Repeat Customers - Many people play regularly week after week. They get to know each other and enjoy the friendly competition. Your venue becomes one of their go-to spots, even when they aren’t playing trivia, bingo, or music bingo.


Our Games Rule

Simply put, we know from experience how to run a great game and this skill drives players to come back week after week. Especially with trivia, it’s about making the night a challenging yet fun event for all levels of players. When even the losing teams leave with a smile and say, “see you next week!” we know we’re doing something very right!

We're Fan Favorites

We've been voted a finalist for Best Family Amusement in the 2024 Palm Beach County Choice Awards. People love our events and we think you will too!

Voted Finalist

Best Family Amusement

2024 Palm Beach County

Choice Awards

We Heavily Promote Your Games

We take an extremely active role in promoting your games to our fanbase via social media, email, and 3rd-party event marketing platforms. We also give you the tools you need to promote to your customers on social media and provide you with custom posters and table cards for in-restaurant marketing. 

We Sound Great!

We start with superior Bose audio equipment and our DJ Hosts play music based on your customer demographics. Players love to sing along to their favorite hits as they're thinking up their trivia answers or filling in their bingo card! 


We’re On Time, Every Time

Nobody wants to wait! Punctuality is important. Games start on time and they end on time.

We’re Serious About Having Fun

We know you don’t want to trust your business to just anyone. And you shouldn’t!

Great Big Trivia isn’t run by a couple of 20-somethings fresh out of college who do this as a side hustle. We're reliable and we’ve got years of gaming expertise, event planning, and marketing experience (including a fancy MBA) running this operation.

Trivia Winners
Bingo Winners
Bingo Winners
Trivia Winners
Trivia Winners
Trivia Winners
Trivia Winners
Bingo Winner
Trivia Winners
Trivia Winners
Trivia Winner
Trivia Winner
Trivia Winners
Bingo Winners
Bingo Winner


When we start working with your venue we'd love to be scheduled for a slow night because then we can make the greatest impact for you. Once a game is firmly established, assuming $25 revenue per player, a typical mid-sized venue will usually see an sales increase of between $750-$1,250 each week. For example:

Restaurants and bars see steady growth of incremental revenue by adding trivia, bingo, or music bingo events


You need to do almost nothing. All our host needs is a table, a chair, an electrical outlet, and a spot to set up. We'll supply:

  • Online promotion (including marketing you can use on your venue's Facebook and Instagram)

  • In-restaurant promotion (table cards, posters)

  • A skilled, fun, and engaging DJ host

  • Audio equipment and hit music

  • For trivia:

    • Scoresheets

    • Answer Slips

    • Pens​

    • And, of course, the questions!

  • For bingo:

    • Bingo cage and balls

    • Bingo cards and dabbers

  • For music bingo:

    • Awesome music bingo playlists

    • Music bingo cards and dabbers

If after the trial you're not happy with the results we'll amicably part ways. But we believe our results will speak for themselves and this will be the start of a Great Big relationship.

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