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Ready to ignite a night of laughter, friendly competition, and unforgettable memories? Look no further than Great Big Trivia! We offer a variety of exciting live games guaranteed to engage your audience and leave them happy.

We strive to make your event a seamless, turnkey experience for you and your staff. Our professional hosts keep the energy high and the games running smoothly.  We bring all the top-notch equipment and high-quality player materials, so you can relax and know the night is in good hands.

Are you a player looking for a game? See where we play.

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We challenge teams and solo players in a fun way with general-knowledge trivia that includes pop culture, history, current events, music, and more. Everyone gets the chance to show off their useless knowledge! Our engaging host keeps the energy high with hit music while facilitating a 3-round, paper-based game with a points-betting twist. Lasting 1.5-2 hours, our trivia is perfect for fostering friendly competition and memorable experiences.


It's the classic game you know and love, but with a lively twist. We pump up the volume with great music tailored to your audience's taste, call the numbers, and award fantastic prizes. Plus, our charismatic host ensures the fun flows throughout the night.

Within a fun-filled 2-hour event, we typically play 4 bingo games with multiple winners in each game. From ages 5 to 105, this is the perfect activity for everyone, fostering friendly competition and creating unforgettable memories for all.

Great Big Trivia voted Finalist for Best Family Amusement

Voted Finalist

Best Family Amusement

2024 Palm Beach County

Choice Awards


Love music? Love bingo? Music Bingo brings together the best of both worlds for a high energy game that's fun for everyone. Simply listen to your favorite music, match the songs to the titles on your Music Bingo card to win!


No music trivia required! We reveal the song titles with each clip, so everyone can join the fun, from casual listeners to music buffs. 

Our music ranges from doo-wop to Dua Lipa, from the Temptations to Taylor Swift, from Paul Simon to Pitbull, and everything in between! We're sure to have just the right playlists of hit songs to get your crowd singing along! We typically play 3-4 exciting playlists during a 2-hour event with multiple prizes awarded each game.


Looking for a unique and engaging activity for your next private event? Look no further than Puzzlepalooza! Our custom-designed jigsaw puzzle competition is the perfect way to spark friendly competition, boost teamwork, and create lasting memories for your guests. A typical event involves teams competing against each other to complete their 500-piece puzzle during the 2-hour event while the charismatic host engages with them and plays lively music, awarding prizes to the teams who complete the puzzle the fastest.

Perfect for All Ages and Skill Levels: We work with you to select a puzzle theme and difficulty that aligns perfectly with your event's style and guest demographics, ensuring everyone can participate and contribute to the team effort.

Interactive and Engaging: Puzzlepalooza isn't just about individual brilliance – it's about teamwork! We encourage communication and collaboration, fostering a fun and interactive atmosphere.

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