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What is Music Bingo?

Music bingo is a fun, engaging, and often nostalgic game that combines the elements of traditional bingo with music. There are many ways to play. Here's how we do it. We think it's the best!

How Do You Play Music Bingo?

Instead of numbers being called out, songs are played, and players match the song titles (or artists) on their bingo cards.We play about a minute of the best part of each song. For those of you who want to figure out the song title yourself, we give you plenty of time to do that. But don't worry if you can't remember the title, we do tell you what it is! No thinking needed!

Music bingo winners showing off their winnings!

How Do You Win Music Bingo?

You win music bingo just like regular bingo, by completing the pattern for that game, whether it's a simple line or something more complex. The host will tell you what pattern to look for. Call out "Bingo!" and win the prize for that round!

Music bingo is a hit at our weekly restaurant venues and especially so at our private events. Players have a blast singing along to their favorite songs. Our "decade" playlists range from the 1950s to the 2000s and our mixes include "One Hit Wonders", "Number One Hits", "Cover Songs", "Country Crossovers", "Rock and Roll Hall of Fame", and more!

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