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Funny Bingo Calls for Americans

Ok, surprise! I'm really a "trivia guy". I'm in my element when I'm hosting trivia nights. Being the quizmaster suits me perfectly. Even when I'm hosting music bingo, I'm always throwing in tidbits about the bands. (Did you know that Roxette, had four number one hits in the 1980s?) Classic bingo, though it garners a fanatical following of players, needs a bit of spicing up for me as a host.

She won and enjoyed my funny bingo calls!

How do I solve this problem AND entertain my guests at the same time? Funny bingo calls, that's how!

I looked around the internet but most of what I found were British bingo calls that made references to very British things that were from at least the 1960s, if not earlier. I realized what we Americans needed was a good list of American funny bingo calls. References that people in the United States would understand.

The list I've created below are some classic calls that are still relevant. Some newer calls. And some I created myself. Here they are all in one place as a quick reference.

Funny bingo calls make everyone happier!

Yes, some of these are basically a dad joke in the form of a bingo call. (Which makes them PERFECT!)

I don't list a call for every bingo number because, frankly, less is more. You don't want to try to be funny every time you read out a ball. Nor would you want to do it every time the same ball pops up that night.

If you have any other fun ones you like, shoot me a note! I'd love to add them to the list!

"B" bingo ball

B4 - Before, not after

B7 - Lucky 7

B8 - I shoulda had a B8

B12 - Vitamin B12

B13 - Bakers dozen

"I" bingo ball

I16 - Sweet 16

I17 - Dancing queen

I22- Two little ducks

I23 - 23 and Me

I24 - Two dozen

I25 - Quarter century

"N" bingo ball

N33 - Double 3s

N36 - Three dozen

N42 - Answer to everything

N44 - All the fours / Double fours

"G" bingo ball

G48 - Four dozen

G49 - Rise and shine

G50 - Hawaii 5-0 / Half a century G51 - Area 51

G52 - 52 cards in a deck / weeks in a year

G55 - I can't drive 55 / Double nickels

G57 - 57 varieties

"O" bingo ball

O64 - When I'm 64

O66 - Double 6s

O69 - The big O

O72 - Par for the course

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Jun 27

b1- bone


Jun 12

B9 = My wife has a big B9.

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