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Coastal Karma Brewing

Coastal Karma Brewing

Coastal Karma Brewing, nestled in the heart of Lake Park, Florida, isn't just a brewery – it's a haven for those seeking a harmonious fusion of exceptional craft beers (plus wines), a vibrant community spirit, and the exhilaration of bingo wins!

Join us every Tuesday from 7-9pm for an evening of fun as we play free bingo for fun and prizes! We'll also be playing music you know and love so the excitement never stops!

So, rally your friends and family of bingo enthusiasts, bring your pooch, indulge in our refreshing craft beers, and bask in the welcoming atmosphere of Coastal Karma Brewing. Unleash your inner bingo master this Tuesday!


Tuesdays, 7-9 PM

Lake Park


Venue Information

796 10th St #798, Lake Park, FL 33403, USA

(561) 249-1491

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